Keeping our Inner Child Alive

Childhood is the golden time of our life; we cherished those awesome childhood memories when life was simple and carefree, and we needed no reasons to giggle or laugh. It is time that we liberate ourselves from any form of control and focus on the inner music where the rhythm aligns with that of our heart.

Kindness – The Way to Live

Incorporate the smallest acts of kindness into your everyday life, and you’d notice the ripple effects. One tiny act of generosity can have a substantial effect.
“People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered; forgive them anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives; Be kind anyway.”

Online Classes – A Solution or Dilemma?

Online classes started as a substitute for our on-campus classes, but we were in that phase for the long haul. Attending online mode classes has become a mere formality where logging in to the class is the only task.

New Year – New Resolutions – Same Dreams

By now, I am sure that most people have already lost the motivation to live up to their new years’ resolutions. I always wondered what’s the point of taking a new year resolution when we fail at it.
How do I ensure that I don’t fail in this new year?

Feminism – Nothing But a Delusion

In the name of providing equal opportunities or whatever you guys say, don’t let it go overboard; it’s already out of control. We have many illegal practices going on in the name of feminism because of how we’ve shaped it over the years.

Independent India – Religion and Intolerance

Independence Day is just another national holiday where we make big speeches and talk about patriotism for a day. Then, we get in our usual routine of promoting religions and the culture of hate and riots for the rest of the year.

From Self-Rejection towards Self-Love

Are you ready to be brave and walk through these five stages of transformation from self-rejection towards self-love? The path of overcoming self-rejection begins when we allow our feelings to be.